Thursday, July 18, 2024

Steps to Producing an Incredible Car Commercial

Advertisements vary greatly in quality. It’s just as difficult to photograph a bottle of water as it is a famous actor dancing the night away in a crowded nightclub. However, understanding how to create a vehicle commercial is possibly the greatest difficulty of any commercial genre. An automobile commercial is similar to other types of […]

The Top 10 Costliest Mistakes in Filmmaking

The success of a film depends on many factors coming together during production. Filmmakers risk losing their credibility and, more significantly, their budget if even one detail is wrong. That’s why it’s so important to avoid the industry’s most typical (and expensive) blunders.  The ten most expensive mistakes that filmmakers make will be discussed, along […]

How to Work With Rental Equipment on Set Requirements

I’d like to share a quick anecdote with you. The crew of The Hateful Eight, directed by Quentin Tarantino, borrowed a pricey 145-year-old guitar for a scene. Jennifer Jason Leigh’s character was going to play the guitar in that scene until Kurt Russell’s character grabs it out of her hands and smashes it to pieces on […]

Productions in Cape Town

Cape Town Cinematics: Behind the Lens of Production & Trends: Venture behind Cape Town’s cinematic curtain! Explore the intricate world of film, TV, and ad productions, spotlighting gear, industry insights, and the city’s trendsetting fashion & lifestyle. Practical Benefits of a Wardrobe That Can Be Used as a Business Tool: If you don’t squander time and […]