Monday, June 24, 2024

How to Succeed in Film Production Accounting

With an expanding production company, managing money and making a profit has become increasingly intricate and crucial tasks. Is your accountant’s explanation of the key performance indicators for your company leaving you more bewildered than before? Your accountant is probably taking advantage of the reality that your knowledge resides in production rather than accounting if […]

A Producer’s View on Safe Working Conditions on Set

Unusual working conditions may arise due to production. Fistfights, explosions, crashed cars, or even someone putting themselves on fire are all possibilities during a typical day on set.¬†That’s just for Tuesday, too! Filmmaking is an inherently dangerous profession, thus protecting everyone on set should be an absolute must. Because of this, the information presented here […]

Steps to Producing an Incredible Car Commercial

Advertisements vary greatly in quality. It’s just as difficult to photograph a bottle of water as it is a famous actor dancing the night away in a crowded nightclub. However, understanding how to create a vehicle commercial is possibly the greatest difficulty of any commercial genre. An automobile commercial is similar to other types of […]