Monday, June 24, 2024

Why Film Fixers Are Essential for Successful International Productions

What Exactly Do Film Fixers Do?

Film fixers are often referred to as “service producers” because they are also responsible for creating content. From pre-production through post-production, they offer comprehensive services for local productions.

Harry gave us the lowdown on the behind-the-scenes work that film fixers do to facilitate production on a global scale. We’ll divide his observations into the many stages of manufacturing below.

Begin Pre-production in the Area

The service provider will set up everything needed for production before the client’s crew arrives. They will coordinate with their client to determine the specific needs of the production and then manage all the basic logistical aspects of pre-production. Film fixers’ pre-production work may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Employing a neighbourhood production crew
  • Accounting for regional expenses
  • Establishing a reliable schedule for production on the ground
  • Finding Potential Spaces
  • Film Permits Help Facilitate
  • Managing Immigration and Customs
  • Organising lodging for the film’s cast and crew
  • Setting up regional travel
  • Catering
  • Using native actors and actresses
  • Leasing machinery
  • Getting the right coverage for manufacturing costs
  • Schedule a tech scout 
  • Schedule a general pre-production meeting

Having a fixer there to help you feel at ease during preparations is crucial. You can rely on their knowledge to make effective preparations in a challenging setting.  

Assist With Managing Regional Output

The multinational film fixer crew does their best to ensure that shooting goes off without a hitch. Here are some of the most important things they do to keep a shoot on schedule and under budget:

  • Setting up shop
  • Taking care of the nuts and bolts of running a business (licences, transportation, etc.)
  • Bringing together neighbourhood resources and organisers
  • Keeping to the established shooting schedule
  • Keeping a balanced budget
  • Cleaning and wrapping up spaces

In a nutshell, your fixer’s job is to do whatever it takes to keep the production rolling. They can help with both strategic and operational tasks during filming.

Keep Tabs on Local Wrapping

Every producer knows that after the cameras stop rolling, the real labour of production begins. Wrapping a production takes a lot of time and energy, regardless of whether it was a three-day commercial shot or a three-month feature picture. 

One of the benefits of shooting on a global scale is that film fixers alleviate their clients of a great deal of stress. They deal with a wide variety of labour-intensive wrapping tasks, such as:

  • Facilitating an easy departure for the client 
  • Equipment and any hired things must be returned.
  • Gathering relevant paperwork such as invoices and receipts
  • Keeping tabs on paperwork and files close to home
  • Cost breakdown
  • Estimating the final price tag
  • Making ready to send off the final bill

The wrapping procedure emphasises the collaborative nature of working with a film fixer. The success of your wrap will depend heavily on your ability to work together and communicate well. 

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Foreign Film Fixer?

It’s always a good idea to hire a “fixer” while shooting in a foreign country. It’s not always a luxury, though. They provide foreign films with access to local resources, contacts, and knowledge. 

The price may scare you off at first. The extra money will be needed to pay the fixer and the locals they bring in to help. The fixing business may require payment for their services. Additional expenses may be associated with your chosen region and manufacturing method.  

Take into account the worth of a service producer before letting increased costs scare you away. How the prices compare to the savings and other perks could surprise you.

In the service industry, the usual advantages of hiring locally are turned up to 11, allowing access to markets that would be inaccessible to non-local companies. They provide producers with the means to cut costs and shoot more efficiently in foreign locations. Instead, you’d be taking a risk if you didn’t hire a service producer for your foreign shoot. 

Without them, production would have no reliable intermediary to coordinate with regional experts and authorities. The process of obtaining licences, renting equipment, and exploring potential shooting locations becomes tedious and inefficient.

A film fixer from another country might act as an advocate and local contact on set. They can be a valuable ally whose help is frequently incalculable in value. 

How to Choose a Good Foreign Film Fixer

Filming in a foreign country presents its own set of distinct and difficult problems. Finding a competent problem solver is crucial if you want to speed up the procedure. To help you get started, here are seven qualities you should look for in a repairman.

Work in Production

To begin, find a fixer who has worked in production. The success of a collaboration depends on both parties having an expert-level understanding of shoot logistics and planning.  A local service producer needs an in-depth familiarity with all aspects of production to accomplish their work. 

Community Connections and Expertise

A service provider’s closest ties to the community provide the greatest value. A foreign production might greatly benefit from their knowledge of undiscovered sites, connections in the local community, and experience working with local authorities. Finding a film fixer who has both experiences in production and familiarity with the area is the easy part. You have effectively halved the complexity of filming on a global scale.

Ability to Communicate

When filming in a foreign country, communication is more important than usual. You and the provider of your service may be separated by many time zones and even an ocean when collaborating. At enormous distances, it just takes one misunderstanding to cause a chain reaction. 

Your film fixer should be able to take in complex data, organise it, and present it in an understandable style. This is an essential ability for any filmmaker interested in working on a global scale. 


You must have faith in your local partners to pull off a long-distance shoot successfully. While dependability may seem like a no-brainer for any professional setting, it can become a major issue when filming in a foreign country. Get yourself a film fixer who always delivers on their promises. Less time and effort will be spent producing the same quality of work.

Capacity to Change

Variations occur frequently during manufacture. There are so many variables at play and external circumstances that can affect a shot that surprises are to be expected.  The characteristic of a capable producer at home is resilience in the face of adversity. Maintaining that standard requires the help of local partners when filming abroad. 

Look for service providers who can adapt to your needs and maintain their composure under pressure. You want your local crew to be full of creative thinkers no matter where you’re filming. 


Sincerity is what differentiates a smoothly run production from anarchy. Therefore, your film fixer must be methodical and well-organized. 

Find a person who can handle their tasks alone and does not need continual supervision. They will help you save time and money throughout the production process. 


Finally, choose a repairman who is interested in your project and hire him or her. You can’t rely on a passive provider of essential services; instead, you need an engaged local partner. Find someone who can adapt to the specific needs of your production, come up with innovative solutions to issues, and operate well as part of a team.

How to Collaborate with a Foreign Film Fixer

The first and most important step in organising production on a global scale is to connect with a service producer in the target country. Get in touch with them as soon as possible in the pre-production phase. 

Talking things out is key when working with a film fixer. Getting in touch with a fixer early on will give you more time to explain your production’s specific requirements. The necessities will be more precisely met by the repairman.

Keep in mind, though, that talking to someone is never a one-way street. It’s just as crucial to hear out your service provider as it is to express your own needs. 

International Production

Taking a production overseas can add a new dimension to the experience. A competent film fixer can help you take advantage of new prospects without adding unnecessary pressure to the process. Finding a reliable local partner will free you up to concentrate on core aspects of production. The benefits of filming in a foreign country can be experienced while still focusing on essentials like developing a solid shooting schedule and a well-thought-out budget.